Wood You Want These On Your Wall?

Posted on: April 30, 2020

In the spirit of creating with what I have while I wait to go back to work I am making some wall decor that I have been putting off for awhile. Here is the first set of 3 so far. The first set is made with both cedar and redwood and will thinly framed in African Mahogany. The second is made with cedar, redwood a with walnut as both the frame and integrated within each piece.

Here they are all finished with their final coat of three(2 @odiesoil dark oil and 1 @odiesoil dark butter). There is a still picture in the garage natural daylight and videos in full light to show how awesome they look depending on the angle you see them from. The depth and shimmering of the grain! Of course none of these do them real justice compared to in person but I don’t think it is safe to do that much driving right now Would like to sell as a set but willing to sell as individuals. These are up for sale as well as all of my both available and can be custom made cutting boards, magnetic bottle openers and wine bottle/glasses holders. Let me know if you are interested. #createwithwhatyouhave #wallart #decor #creationsbyjeff #ilovemyjob #custom #custommade #wood #woodworking #workwithyourhands #selftaught #ibuild #imake #icreate #carpenter #maker #alwaysbuilding #vegas #vegaswoodworker #vegascarpenter #vegaslocal #702

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