Suitcase Bar To Honor Dad

Posted on: November 8, 2020

I was contacted by a gentleman with a special request. He and his brothers lost their father a little while back. He wanted to have an old school portable suitcase style bar made out of wood his father used to make an old cabinet decades ago. It was to hold one good sized bottle, six whiskey glasses and cigars/cutter. The customer and his brothers planned to meet at a local park and use the bar to have a special toast to their dad.

After hearing the story and idea I just had to make it happen for him! After getting the pieces of the broken up cabinet and planing the wood down I discovered both old growth oak and poplar. I came up with a design, got approval and went to work. The deep greens of the poplar and the golden tones of the oak gave this creations such a one of a kind unique look.

When I met the man to deliver the bar he was extremely happy and grateful to me for helping his family honor their father by creating such a sentimental piece. He said they will pass down to the next generations. I was and still am honored to be able to do it.


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