Reinventing An Old Concept

Posted on: February 15, 2020

So I have been working on this back and forth for a little while and I am finally ready/able to post it. I was contacted by a customer who loves to cross stitch to relax in her spare time. She even likes to go on road trips, stop at an area with beautiful scenery and work on one of her creations. She searched and searched for a stand that is fully adjustable(for any size frame, standing, sitting, laying down etc), folded up for travel and was easy to use but there wasn’t anything out there. She asked me to figure out, design and build one from scratch. I like a good challenge so I was happy to do it.

Here is the working prototype that I came up with and patented. I used t track for ease of adjustment vs the old style with the holes and pins and designed it to adjust and lock in at any angle. Plus it easily folds up to about 3” tall for travel and or storing away.

I am pretty happy with it. More importantly the customer is very happy and excited to use it. #creationsbyjeff #ilovemyjob #custom #custommade #wood #woodworking #workwithyourhands #selftaught #ibuild #imake #icreate #carpenter #maker #alwaysbuilding #vegas #vegaswoodworker #vegascarpenter #vegaslocal #702 #crossstitch #crossstitchstand #fullyadjustable #patented

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