Meet The Team

The Owner

Hi I’m Jeff! I am the proud owner of this small local business. I do the actual creating of every custom item that Creations by Jeff LLC sells. My team that helps me with everything else is the backbone that holds it all together. They work extremely hard and yet manage to be the most humble group of people I have ever worked with. Please feel free to check them out and show them some love.


Jeff here! My job is to work hard to get Creations by Jeff LLC known out there to the social media and internet in general(including working with the awesome people at Sigma 1 to make this great site). I also design stickers, T-shirts, banners, and more. All while making sure to stay connected with the Vegas Chamber. Lets face it. If it weren’t for me this company would be nowhere.

Office & Accounting

Hey! My name is Jeff. The office and numbers guy around here. I keep the receipts in order, the licensing current, the taxes filed, order everything needed and more. I’m not trying to brag but this place couldn’t run without me.

Shipping and Receiving Department

Hello! I’m Jeff! I handle the ins and outs of both shipping out our custom creations and receiving the shipments of the tools, supplies and more to make them happen. I make sure to never charge you a penny more than the shipping companies charge us. This place would be lost without me.


Hello there! Jeffs the name! I am the guy who you are always happy to see. Why? Well because I am the one who brings you, and sometimes installs, the custom creations that Jeff carefully makes! All the progress pictures he sends you throughout the build are great and all but come on. You know when you actually get the final product is the best part. So I think it is safe to say I am your favorite right?
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