Keeping The Treasure Alive

Posted on: August 19, 2019

A customer has an older armoire that she loves. Instead of shelf pins the person who made it created a system of angled narrow pieces of wood that rest in the corresponding notches for the desired height of each shelf.

Over the years a few of them have become warped and or twisted. I was asked to recreate some so she can continue to enjoy her treasured piece of bedroom furniture. I was happy to make it happen! The sample she gave me was African mahogany and since I had some left over from when I made the same person a custom entertainment center(shown in an earlier post) I was able to make enough for every shelf and a few to spare for down the road. Shown in the pictures you can see the old sample with the new ones so you can see how bad it was.

Some woodworking businesses I know won’t take a small job like this because “it’s not worth their time or the money” but I don’t mind at all. I say no job is too small because I love what I do, I like helping people and it all adds up. Plus you never know what that small job could lead to down the road(bigger jobs, referrals etc). #nojobistoosmall #happytodoit #creationsbyjeff #ilovemyjob #custom #custommade #wood #woodworking #workwithyourhands #selftaught #ibuild #imake #icreate #carpenter #maker #alwaysbuilding #vegas #vegaswoodworker #vegascarpenter #vegaslocal #702

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