Bottles Up

Posted on: February 18, 2019

Have been asked when I was going was going to do another pop up store here in Vegas. Not sure what the day will be yet but because I sold out of everything I had at Christmas time(except the Christmas trees ha ha) I have been working on some more cutting boards and bottle openers with two 90 pound pull strength magnets hidden in the back to catch the caps. Here are 6 of the 7 bottle openers finished and ready to be sold. Each one is made of the same hardwoods that would be in my cutting boards. They are predrilled for mounting anywhere you choose (bar, garage, barbecue area etc). I might be making a few other things like keychains and card holders. Any small item Ideas of what else to make for it let me know. If I go with your ideas I will give you one. #creationsbyjeff #ilovemyjob #custom #wood #woodworking #workwithyourhands #selftaught #ibuild #imake #alwaysbuilding #vegas #vegaswoodworker #vegascarpenter #popupshop #ideas #cuttingboard #bottleopener #magnets

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