Making A Dream Come True

Posted on: March 30, 2019

The custom corner desk is finally in its home! The costumer decided not to make it a built in and leave the base board so it sits a little away from the wall. As usual I completely forgot to take pictures of what was there before but it was a couple of mismatched pieces(both in color and style) that didn’t properly use the space. She also decided to reuse the keyboard tray from her old desk that was cherrywood. She said is extremely happy to “finally make this happen after thinking about it for years”. There are a couple of spots that I personally insisted of coming back to touch up(paint wise) that I noticed which made her laugh because she thought it looked fine. I told the customer when she is all settled in I will do it in case she accidentally makes a mark while she organizes everything. She will be shopping for baskets to put in the cubbies. I used my @zackrabbittoolcompany making this desk and it was a great time saver! I am extremely happy with it! #creationsbyjeff #ilovemyjob #custom #wood #woodworking #workwithyourhands #selftaught #ibuild #imake #alwaysbuilding #vegas #vegaswoodworker #vegascarpenter #cornerdesk #white #delivery #delivered #anotherhappycustomer #anothersatisfiedcustomer

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